• Nick Moorooka

    Thanks to my Common Ground mates and the support of Mens Wellbeing I went from feeling alone and 'shattered' to a feeling of connected and 'mattered'. I learnt simple skills which have helped me communicate better, given me a sense of community and appreciation of myself.

  • Ben Durack

    My reason for attending common ground was that I wanted to better deal with my anger and my addictions. In the process of exploring these things, I managed to quit my job and take my business full time. The men's group that followed the course helped give me the support and self belief to tackle things in my life I never thought I was capable of.

  • Clayton Coorparoo

    Common ground gave me a greater sense of myself and a greater awareness of my emotions and how to express them. It gave me a boost in confidence also and more skills to be assertive in relationships and my communications in life.

  • Caspar Mullumbimby

    Helped me stay sane at a very challenging time, supported my emotional/spiritual growth and allowed me to co-create a regular support group.

  • Warren Mitchelton

    I completed a Common Ground course in 2006 and through this I discovered that I was not alone, that fallibility is OK and that we all have more in common than we can possibly imagine.

  • George Tamborine

    I despised myself and continually berated myself. Common Ground showed me I was OK as I am. A truly supportive bunch of good men helped me believe it.

  • Andrew

    I'm on the Common Ground course right now. It's been life changing already and we're only in week 4.

  • Peter Brisbane

    Common Ground changed my world by showing me that I had choices. The proof of the value of this program is that I am alive today and living a happy life. Without wanting to be dramatic, my only expectation before Common Ground was a bitter death, sooner rather than later. Yet here I am. I know that the key has been the Common Ground program. I recommend it to you.

  • Michael

    I learnt what being a man really is, I don’t judge others and I respect their beliefs, this has changed my outlook on life.

  • Tony Ipswich

    I attended common ground a few years ago after my partner noticed a flyer and suggested it might be good for me as I was angry and abusive and struggling to communicate with my x wife. I only wish I discovered this program years earlier. I am still part of a men's group as a result of common ground that meets every fortnight sharing with each other in a non judgemental way helping me to deal with life's ups and downs. Thank you common ground and importantly the facilitators for showing me the tools to help overcome my issues.

  • Dave Melbourne Bayside

    Common Ground provided me an opportunity to understand and connect with myself, and other men, in a deep and meaningful way.  I felt listened to, supported and encouraged throughout and departed the experience feeling inspired and motivated. Seeds that were planted continue to blossom, as do the friendships I have made with my group peers. I cannot recommend it highly enough

  • Nathan Melbourne

    The Common Ground program changed my life, it helped me become the man I am today'

  • Craig Manly West

    I did Common Ground in 2015 after attending my first Mens Gathering. I didn't realise until I did the course how fullfilling and humbling it is to be able to connect and share my stuff with my men's group. My group has been together over 12 months and I still get that same feeling of satisfaction and connection at every meeting.

  • Shane Ocean Shores

    The nine week Common Ground process had a profound effect on my life. It gave me deep connection with other men, healed my wounds with my father and helped me to see the "stories" and belief systems which had been programmed into me which I allowed to run my life. The facilitation was excellent with three facilitators for twenty men. Being delivered over nine weeks gave time for strong bonds to be welded between us. We still meet weekly after 2 and a half years.

  • Peter Ferny Grove

    Common Ground showed me how to be real. No more attempting to be "normal."

  • Paul Brisbane

    I found Common Ground at a difficult time in my life, struggling with the prospect of becoming a father for the first time, I reached out online and found Men's Wellbeing I am so glad I did. I now have a beautiful 14 year old daughter, and I'm a great dad.

  • Oliver Fairfield

    I did not show up to Common Ground broken in crisis or stuck, I came to make connections with like minded men. I have a simple formula: before CG and my involvement with Mens Welbeing my funeral would of been a sad affair with very few attending, now I’m certain there will be many men there celebrating our achievements together and honouring my passing.

  • Mark Wakerley

    Being from the country and now living in the city I found things quite different (and difficult) at times. Common ground has helped me understand myself and taught me to be much more open, a great experience and highly recommendable.

  • Adrian Mansfield

    I went to Common Ground to help me get through my divorce. It also gave me a whole new world where I can deeply understand myself and from there consciously create a wonderful life I didn't know even existed.

  • David Wynnum

    I'd lost my purpose. Common Ground gave me a way to find it and a group of friends to support me.  

  • Brett Surfers Paradise

    Common Ground Saved my life and My Marriage. A good way I like to explain it is before Common Ground I was watching Black and white TV and then all of a sudden I was watching HD Digital Colour TV - It was amazing. I loved the program and I am evolving always. My Marriage is stronger than ever and my relationships are deep and meaningful. I am also a more present Father which makes me feel amazing.  

  • Peter Coolangatta

    In Common Ground I learned to connect at a deeper level with men and myself. Out of this experience evolved a Men's Group. I attend every two weeks. It is a source of deep comfort to listen and to be heard by fellow men.

  • Rowland Wynnum

    Common Ground has given me more understanding of why I do this things I do in my life. It has help me with my integrity and given me a platform to share my life experiences/challenges with other men. I found the program hugely therapeutic and would recommend it to other young men.

  • David Ferny Grove

    I'm still thankful for being part of a group after 8 years. So glad there's more to manliness than beer and sports.

  • Les Gold Coast

    After completing the Common Ground Program in 2009, I found that I now had a group of men that shared I level of trust with that I had not experienced previously. I also gained a Brother, and to this day, that man is my best mate. Thank you to Men's Wellbeing for providing this Program, and in particular, thank you to the 4 men who Facilitated and Lead our group through the process.

  • Rossco West End

    I was looking for more depth & guts to interactions with men (something more that conversations rotating around Booze, Sport, & degrading Women). Common ground provided that depth & more, helping me to being honest with myself. The first time in 50 years I've felt fully heard & also been fully present for others. I now have many solid Men friends from all walks of life, good men.

  • Will Wamban, NSW

    Common Ground was a profound experience for me, supporting me in every way following some very difficult life experiences in recent years. I felt validated and protected in being myself after a life of being what other people wanted me to be. It was scary stuff.  My life has not got any easier, well maybe a little, but I now have some idea of who I am and possibly where my journey might be taking me